Picture Framing

Frameworks is your premier choice for all your framing needs.  We cater to both domestic and commercial clients.

Our expert craftsmanship ensures each item is individually framed using top-quality materials sourced globally. We use conservation-grade, chemically neutral materials to protect your valuable pieces, guaranteeing they remain in perfect condition.

The Artwork

  • The under-mount, made from the same material as the window mount, supports the artwork. 
  • A backing board at the rear provides structural support, keeping the artwork and mounts flat while protecting against dust, insects, and pollutants. 
  • Hinges attach the artwork to the under-mount, allowing for adjustment to temperature and humidity changes.
  • We avoid acidic tapes and use sealing tape on the frame’s back to block contaminants. 
  • Bumpers on the frame’s bottom corners create airflow by keeping a gap between the frame and the wall.

The Anatomy of a Frame

  • Our professional highly-skilled framer uses high-quality materials to ensure your framed picture is preserved for the future.

  • Frames, typically made of wood or aluminium, provide strength and decorative support.

  • Mouldings come in various sizes, shapes, and colours to complement your artwork.

  • Glazing protects the art from pollutants without touching it, especially in the case of photographs